For over 30 years Pete Jones from South Yorkshire, England, UK has been entertaining people in venues all over the UK. Known widely as a solo performer Pete has also doned the names of the Pete Jones Outfit, The Jones Boys or the Pete Jones Experience.
Whichever name he has worked under there has always been one constant factor - Pete himself.

Pete confesses that his transition into Country music happened quite by accident. He was heavily into folk music at the time, Donovan being a particular favourite. lt was only after meeting a guy called Alan Senior that the changeover into Country music began. He still can remember his first singing job on the 5th June, 1978, a date that heralded the start of his successful career on the British Country music circuit.

His first CD was called The Pete Jones Experience Volume 1 and consisted of 12 tracks, many instantly recognisable, " including Just Call Me Lonesome, Country Roads, Devil Woman, Cowboy Dreams and Ghostriders In The Sky being just some of them. His version of Ghostriders is unique. A self taught guitarist, Pete learnt his skills in the early days by playing with a small group of local musicians. They would , all meet up on a Sunday afternoon at a local country pub for a jam session and his playing skills grew from there. Distance has never been an issue for Pete, he will travel anywhere and would ideally like to bring his style of music with his clear crisp voice more to the southern area of the country as well as the north and midlands, so whether you want an artist for your listening or for line dancing venue, Pete`s your man. He can also be booked as a duo if that is what club organisers prefer. Apart from entertaining audiences four or five times a week he likes to spend time in his garden "l can come in from the garden and feel absolutely whacked, but once l get to the venue and start playing l come alive. The buzz l get from seeing people enjoy themselves is part payment for me. l also love the constant strive to conquer and win a crowd" says Pete.

All in all, anyone who goes to a Pete Jones show is in for a treat.


Pete was featured in Cross Country Magazine Volume 2 Issue 10

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